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Have an interesting article idea? We’d love to hear it!

We are looking for food and beverage writers, passionate photographers and dedicated researchers to join our team. We welcome original and well-written articles on a variety of topics specific to the beverage industry. Before pitching your idea, please read the information below to make sure it is in line with who we are.



High-quality and well-crafted stories that capture the current mood of the beverage industry. Tell us about that obscure drink you had on your last adventure and are still craving for, show us what’s trending on bars or simply sniff out the latest fad that no one’s talking about yet. We are game for anything that’s new, refreshing, thought-provoking and worthy of being written about at this particular time.

We also love stories that are off the beaten path and are filled with quirky gems not found with a simple Google search. We encourage creativity and distinct perspectives on popular drinks while also having a soft corner for traditional drinks that deserve their due.

If you have a unique roundup idea, don’t hesitate to share it with us. We’re open to listicles – just make sure you avoid basic stuff like “10 Beer Facts You Should Know” and “5 Health Benefits Of Coffee”. Also, no click-bait headlines please.

We value pieces based on your own experience and knowledge that are useful and informative for readers.

We are also interested in well-researched data-driven content, eye-catching photo essays, aesthetically-captured videos, insightful how-to guides, city-specific trends and relevant interviews with relevant personalities in the industry.

In short, we want stories that would make for great conversion pieces over a couple of drinks with your friends and family.

We always keep our mind open, so if you think your idea would be perfect for our readers, just send it over. We’d love to hear from you.



While we’re accommodating of a lot of different types of content, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before sending your ideas. Specifically, these are the things we’re not looking for –

Duplicate or rehashed content. Google doesn’t like duplicate data and we don’t require stories that have already appeared elsewhere in the same form.

Article ideas that promote a specific brand, products or personalities.

Press releases pitched as story ideas.

Stories that are easily available on other platforms.

Pitches from companies and PR/ corp comm representatives.

Racist, sexist, elitist or discriminatory writing.



A platform to share your story, knowledge, and skills.

Exposure. Your article will be visible to our highly-engaged community of readers; shared on all our social media channels and will be included in our weekly email newsletter.

Dedicated Author Page with profile photo, bio, and links to your social media accounts and website.

Compensation based on topic, complexity, word count and experience.



We only accept content that is 100% original, accurate and not published anywhere else.

Articles must be written in UK English, using the Oxford comma.

All content must be proofread and Copyscape-checked before submitting.

Final word count can be anywhere between 500 and 2,000 words (ideally between 800 and 1,200 words).

We reserve the right to edit the articles before publishing and introduce links if these add value to the content.

Accompanying photos are appreciated, but not required (we do not pay extra for photos). If you do want to illustrate the article, make sure all images are high resolution and belong to you or have the rights to use them.

Please keep in mind that while we do read every email, we’ll only get back to you if it’s something we’re interested in publishing, so make sure you include all the relevant information you have in your pitch. Our usual turnaround time is between three days to a week.

Interested? Send us your pitch with the Subject Line – “Submission for Story Idea on (Your Topic)” at gurgl.site@gmail.com