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With 6 New Brand Launches, It’s Raining Gin In India

With 6 New Brand Launches, It’s Raining Gin In India

new exciting gins in india

If you’ve been looking forward to hearing some good news this year, this is it. There are currently five new Indian gin brands that are launching across the country. Some of these are already available in certain regions and as and when the lockdown situation improves, these brands will expand into newer states and territories. If you’re a gin enthusiast, there’s no better time than now to celebrate. Here are five new Indian gin brands that you should know about.

1 – Gin Gin

Gin Gin is India’s first craft hemp gin. Distilled multiple times along with a vapour infusion method to retain the subtle flavours of all its botanicals, Gin Gin promises to be one of the most exciting new launches in the craft gin space in India. We did an extensive story on Gin Gin and its 24-year-old founder Shubham Khanna a few days ago. Read the full story here.

2 – Samsara

Samsara also uses hemp as one of its botanicals. In fact, it has a tie-up with Ratan Tata-backed Boheco with Founder CEO Aditya Aggarwal telling Gurgl that the company is planning to introduce cannabis/ hemp wellness products in India soon. (Full interview coming soon). This sipping gin is slated to be launched in India and US in the next few weeks and we predict it’ll be a huge success in the coming time.

3 – Jin Jiji

Jin Jiji is yet another exciting gin in the craft gin space in India. JiJi is derived from jijivisha, a Hindi word best used to describe a lust for life with its botanicals being sourced from junipers in the Himalayas to cashew nuts in Goa. The cashew nuts are a specialty of Jin Jiji and makes us want to try this feni-inspired drink in the form of gin as well.

4 – Terai

Terai’s botanicals such as Tulsi, Coriander, and Fennel, among others, are sourced from Delhi’s Khari Baoli, purportedly Asia’s largest spice market. It is also distilled in Behror in Rajasthan, making it the only gin in this list that’s not distilled in Goa. Using a traditional one-shot process, Terai is a London Dry style gin that’s here to shake up the Indian gin market along with its siblings.

5 – Tickle

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Created by Adinco Distillery, the same folks behind coconut liqueur Cabo de Goa, Tickle is the latest entrant to the exciting gin scene in the country. Made public just a few days ago, there’s little information about Tickle right now but suffice to say that the Dry Gin will find a place of pride in the brave new gin world soon upon launching.

6 – Pumori

This small-batch gin is yet another addition from Goa that is set to launch the state and Mumbai soon. Made with 12 botanicals, the gin is named after Mt Pumori, called the daughter of the Everest, from where the gin’s juniper has been sourced. Pumori is said to be the brainchild of the same team that earlier launched Woodburns Whisky. We’ll be waiting to taste this one as soon as it launches.

There’s never been a better time to be a gin lover in India. Indeed, with the rise of so many new brands, there’s a chance even non-believers will join the party and turn the land of tonic water into a gin country as well.

Cheers to that we say.

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    • Hey Albert, we completely agree. Hapusa is slightly older, but one of the most exciting gins we’ve tried from India, and we can’t thank the folks at Nao Spirits enough. We love to Hapusa on the rocks with ice, what about you?

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