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The Ultimate Non-Boozy Diwali Gifting Guide For 2021

The Ultimate Non-Boozy Diwali Gifting Guide For 2021

It’s that time of the year when you get overwhelmed with all the gifting options in front of you. Well, worry not, we’re back with the second edition of our Diwali gifting guide. Let’s check out some of the non-boozy gifts you can give to your near and dear ones this Diwali.

1 – Blue Tokai’s Coffee Gifting Guide

Blue Tokai has a range of coffee gifting products that are suitable for every type of coffee lover. From their Easy Pour range to Cold Brew and French Press range with coffees, mugs and notebooks, shot glass candle and screen-printed Mata Ni Pachedi art added in, depending on the type of bundle you choose. Check out their complete range here.

2 – Tea Trunk

Goa-based artisanal tea brand Tea Trunk has created a Build Your Own Gift (BYOG) for Diwali. There is a selection of their products across various categories that you can put together in one place. Simply select the products that catch your attention and make your own tea gift box. Buy it from here.

3 – Rage Coffee Festive Pack

For your instant coffee-loving near and dear ones, may we suggest the Rage Coffee Festival Pack that keeps things simple and comes with just a coffee mug and a jar of Rage Coffee’s plant-based coffee. This is a great gifting option for someone who likes their instant coffee but has been looking to upgrade their flavour profile. Check out the pack here.

4 – Starbucks Hampers

You’d be surprised how much people like familiar brands and when it comes to coffee, there’s nothing more familiar than Starbucks in metro cities at least. This is why we’re recommending you pick from some of Starbucks’ gifting hampers that can be customised as per your preference. The base Classic Starbucks Hamper comes with a White Matte Mug, VIA Italian Roast and Hazelnut Chocolate Bites for INR 1500 going all the way up to The Starbucks Luxury Hamper for INR 6060 that includes a bunch of coffee and food items along with a French Press. Check out the entire range here.

5 – Jimmy’s Festive Gift Pack

Get your hands on Jimmy’s Festive Gift Pack that promises to elevate your home bar drinking game. The pack includes all of Jimmy’s crafted cocktail mixers, accompanied by a Cocktail Shaker, Bar Blade, Peg Measure and Stirring Spoon-cum-garnish fork. Be the bartender at home this Diwali and make fabulous drinks to go all around with this pack. Details here.

6 – Bonomi’s Creators Cold Brew Coffee Box

The Creators Cold Brew Coffee Box from Bonomi is as delicious as the story behind it. From whisky barrel-aged cold brew coffee to Classic cold brew coffee to Bonomi’s signature syrups, creators’ cards, cognac glass and Svami’s original tonic water, this is a box to gift to anyone who appreciates cold brews, including yourself! Check out the box here.

7 – Svami Gin Appreciation Kit

Svami has been on a roll recently, bringing out edible garnishes and new products like Salted Lemonade and 2 Cal Cola, much to the delight of beverage lovers. Their latest is a collection suited for gin and whisky lovers in the form of an Appreciation Kit that includes Svami’s tonic water range, all four edible garnishes, pairing guide, tasting wheel and videos to enhance the experience. Check out the kits here.

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8 – Teabox Gift Boxes

Choose from a wide variety of Teabox’s aesthetically-designed and amazing tea blends to gift this Diwali season. Our favourite of the lot includes Vernal, an assorted tea gift box with nine different blends; Fleur, which comes with six tea blends and a ball infuser and the lotus-shaped inspired tea blend box called Kaja. Choose your favourite tea box from Teabox here.

9 – Bab Louie’s Combo Packs

Bab Louie is known for making cocktail premixes and some amazing non-alcoholic bitters, one of the key ingredients to making a good cocktail. Select from their range of combo packs such as The Tangy Confusion Pack, The Classic Mishmash Pack or The Tipsy Twosome Pack, depending on the drink of your choice or simply pick up their Customisable Bar Kit if you’re in the mood to make your own drinks. Details here.

10 – Provenance Festive Grandeur Gift Basket

Provenance has gone all out to create a dreamy Diwali gift basket that’s sure to please anyone. Comprising of gourmet products such as Pahadi Local Honey, Satori Kiss of Rose Tea, Bili Hu Single Estate Coffee, Maxim’s Butter Waffles, La Folie and Toska Chocolate bars and a variety of other selected products, this gift basket is definitely one to give to the most special friends and family members this Diwali season. Check out the gift basket here.

Which one of these are you most excited about gifting? Let us know in the comments below.

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