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The Most Popular Types Of Glasses To Drink Your Alcohol In

The Most Popular Types Of Glasses To Drink Your Alcohol In

A group of glasses with different liquids in them.

Believe it or not, there’s actually a reason why there are so many different types of glasses for different types of alcohol. Indeed, if you were served wine in a martini glass or vice versa, you’d immediately recognize that something was off. You’d also judge the bar and bartender once you got over the shock of what had just happened. Now, to avoid making any faux pas while enjoying your drink we made a brief list of the most popular types of alcohol glasses you should know about and why they’re used. Here they are – in no particular order.  

Wine Glass

Wine glasses follow the Three S formula

Wine is a drink to relax with. Made from fermented grapes, it is mainly available as red and white wine. It is rightly said that one can have the perfect taste of wine when tasted with a three-step process called “The Three S” that stands for smell, swirl and sip. Wine glasses have a tall shape with a broad bowl and mouth. The broad bowl makes it easier to swirl the wine without spilling it whilst also enhancing its taste. After swirling, when it comes to smell and sipping, the broad mouth ensures our nose fits into the glass perfectly making it easier to smell the various notes of the wine. Apart from “the three S”, wine needs to be served chilled. This is ensured by the long stem of the glass that prevents the transfer of body heat to the wine and maintains its temperature.  

Champagne Glass

Champagne glasses allow you to see the bubbliness of the drink

You would have seen Champagne glasses at weddings and cocktail parties. It is a long tube-shaped glass that gets narrower towards the bottom. Its stem is slightly longer than that of the wine glass. Like wine, champagne also tastes best when served chilled and the long stem prevents the transfer of body heat to the drink. The upper part of the glass ensures the drink stays bubbly giving it a great texture in each sip. The bottom part also gives a good view of the tiny bubbles rising and enticing the holder to drink up.  

Beer Mug

Beer mugs are the easiest to hold

Beer is the go-to alcoholic beverage for a large majority simply because it fits in so well with our social outings. Be it a date or catching up with friends, beer is always the common factor at such gatherings. Different kinds of beers are served in different glasses across the world like pint glass, goblets, weizen glass etc but the most common glass is the ubiquitous beer mug. The glass is cylindrical in shape with a handle on its side. The walls of the mug are thick to ensure the drink stays cool. While the beer mug is designed to hold lots of beer, the handle ensures an easy hold.  

Whiskey Glass

Enjoy your drink for a longer time with whiskey glasses

Rum and whiskey are drinks that you sit and enjoy for a while. Keeping that in mind, the glasses used for them are shaped like a frustum – in which the bottom part is slightly narrower than the top part or the brim. The design ensures that the drink is able to hold more ice cubes giving enough room for the drink to mix easily as the ice melts. This way rum and whiskey can be enjoyed for a longer time.  

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Shot Glass

Shot glasses are short so you can gulp the whole drink in one big sip!

Shot glasses that usually contain vodka and tequila come in the category of fun drinks. Shots help to loosen up and calm the nerves. Since both vodka and tequila are taken in a very less quantity and at once, the Shot glass is a tiny glass that can hold very less amount of alcohol in it. This makes it easier to hold and gulp the drink quickly.  

Martini Glass

Martini glass is perhaps the most famous type of glassware

What would James Bond, or even Jay Gatsby for that matter, do without a Martini glass in their hands? The upper part of a Martini glass is in the shape of an inverted pyramid attached to a long stem with a wide bottom. The main reason behind the shape of the glass is to prevent the mixing of two or more juices and alcohol added to it. Generally, ice cubes are not added to drinks served in these types of glasses. As with some others, the long stem prevents the transfer of body heat to the cocktail maintaining its taste. All images courtesy Unsplash

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