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The First Edition Of Deep Dive Beer Fest Was All Kinds Of Brewtiful

The First Edition Of Deep Dive Beer Fest Was All Kinds Of Brewtiful

With Omicron-induced restrictions finally being lifted from most places and the temperatures beginning to rise, the idea of having a beer festival turned out to be a great one for Great State Aleworks which hosted its first-ever Deep Dive Beer Fest in Pune. We got centre-stage access to the event and had a great time at the event. Here’s everything you need to know about Deep Dive Beer Fest.

Beers And Breweries –

Let’s start with the most important thing at any beer fest – beers! Deep Dive Beer Fest was held over three days and had over 45 beers from more than 16 breweries. The beers were available in 330ml pints as well as 120ml samplers that gave beer enthusiasts a chance to try more varieties before selecting their favourite beers of the day.

Each day had a showcase from a list of breweries for consumers who wanted to try their beers. Nakul Bhonsle, founder of Great State Aleworks, who spearheaded the festival, said that the most difficult task of pulling off Deep Dive Beer Fest was trying to decide which styles of beer and which brews to showcase on each day so that consumers would have a wide variety to choose from. “The idea of Deep Dive Fest was to create a well curated beer menu for each of the three days that had different varieties of beers from local breweries to showcase their beers for beer lovers to sample as many beers as possible. Thank god for MS Excel that finally let us figure out how to divide the beers to give the best possible experience to beer lovers at the festival,” he exclaimed.

The final result was a striking mix from breweries that ranged from Saison to Belgian Ale, Brown Ale, Pale Ale, IPA, Stout, Lager and Wheat beers. In terms of breweries, one could try drinks from Brewdog, Kimaya, Drifters, Crafters, Brew Whale, Igloo, Effingut, Yavasura, Brewantee and of course, Great State Aleworks.

Beer lovers quickly found out their favourite brews on each day of the festival. For example, Yavasura’s Basil Peppercorn Witbier emerged as the clear choice on Day 1 with one attendee telling Gurgl how the beer was “the best one because of its slight spice kick at the end of a full Witbier experience”.

Apart from the breweries, many founders attended the event and sampled the beers on offer as well. Amongst them all, we were most curious to talk to the founders of Brewantee, the first and only craft beer currently operational in Marathwada.

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Tasting Sessions –

Apart from trying different styles of beers, enthusiasts could also enrol in several of the Beer Tasting Sessions that were held each day. Founders of different breweries lined up their bestsellers, experimental brews and took guests through each and every drink. From how to taste beer to understanding different brewing styles and penning down notes, the Tasting Sessions turned out to be a great way to learn and educate oneself on all things beers.

With so much happening during the very first edition of Deep Dive Beer Fest, we couldn’t help but be impressed with everything that we saw and sampled. With plans to return for another edition next year, we’re confident the festival will only get bigger and better from here on. Beer lovers, make sure to mark your calendars for Deep Dive Beer Fest as soon as it’s announced next time!

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