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The Best Drinks Podcasts You Can Listen To Right Now

The Best Drinks Podcasts You Can Listen To Right Now

Have you had enough of Netflix and chilling this quarantine? If you’re looking for alternative sources of entertainment options, may we suggest podcasts? You surely won’t say no to podcasts that are all about drinks now, will you?

That’s where podcasts jump in. You can listen to them while just relaxing on your bed without worrying about optimal buffering speed or keeping your eyes glued to one spot for hours. Here are some engrossing podcasts that you can tune into right away.

The Whisky Advisor

Join host Uday Balaji who takes listeners on a whisky-fuelled journey of Indian and international whiskies. If you’ve wanted to listen to the history and nuances of some of the most well-known whiskies and know more about whisky tales, experiences, flavours and facts, then this is the perfect podcast for you.

Drinking With Comics

Started in 2014, Drinking with comics, is a podcast talk show where hosts Shawn Baker, Mike Wellman and Chris Saunders with Science Officer Jordan Munn discuss comics and comic culture while simultaneously explaining the many benefits of the drinks they’re having.
They have various formats on their podcast such as Half-Pints, Interviews etc. In one segment called The Genesis Of Preacher, Shawn and Chris drink, discuss and speculate on Season 2 of Preacher while comparing it to the original comic it is based on! Intrigued? Well, here you go!

Why Mommy Drinks

A humour-filled podcast for parents sees comedians and moms Betsy Stover and Amanda Allan invite a celeb guest on their show every week. This is followed by a chat with them on parenting that specifically drove them towards alcohol. Yep, that’s right. The best part of the podcast is that it falls in the no-guilt and no-preach zone where the guests can be tragically honest and also laugh their hearts out at their parenting experiences! Check it out here.

Drink And Learn

The name itself is self-descriptive we believe. Expert bartender Abigail Gullo and Elizabeth talk about the history of alcohol, its evolution, various social-cultural aspects related to different drinks and of course, a bit of drinking advice. So far they covered love potions, carnival drinking, how St. Patrick’s Day and Irish whiskey are inter-related and medical drinking. Hear them out here!

Drinking Socially

This is Untappd’s Official Podcast on Beer. It covers basically everything that is happening related to beer. Every episode they actually chug down beers and talk about it. A true beer nerd cannot afford to miss this podcast, because it is all-encompassing. Listen to it here.

Let’s Drink About It

Experienced bartenders and hosts Chris Bowman and Benjamin Ahr Harrison will make sure you ask yourself the question – what is the correct beverage to pair with any given moment in your life? Sit down with these hosts to discuss the events of their lives and which cocktails to pair at those events. We’ll learn about cocktails, the theory and history of the mixed drink, and maybe even a little something about ourselves. Guests from the worlds of comedy, music, etc, are often invited to talk over their experiences and their takeaway from it.


See Also

The Mixology Talk Podcast

Chris Tunstall is an accomplished mixologist, bartender and drinks creator. Along with his wife Julia, the duo pair up in this podcast to help you understand tips, tricks and techniques familiar to the cocktail world. From the ingredients in drinks, to bottles behind the bar and interviews with industry professionals, this podcast will help you make great drinks! That’s not all, they also have programs on bartending and how to manage a bar business.

Wine For Normal People

You like wine, but hate the elitist way everyone talks about it? Then this podcast is for you. It uses layman language to understand wine and its finer underlying aspects.

Drinking From The Toilet: Real Dogs, Real Training

Training pets is no easy task! This podcast, hosted by Hannah Branigan, discusses the behind-the-scenes of a dog trainer’s seemingly cute job. They cover it all: dog emotions, human emotions, how older dogs should be dealt with and more. Listen to the podcast here.

These podcasts will make you laugh, entertain you and also educate you in a fun way. Do listen to them, and let us know if you got even amazing podcasts that you think we need to add to this list.

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