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Tejas Pore Takes Over The Bar At Mumbai’s The Little Easy

Tejas Pore Takes Over The Bar At Mumbai’s The Little Easy

Tejas Pore, Brand ambassador of Stranger And Sons gin, announced himself in Mumbai with a bar takeover at Bandra’s The Little Easy with a list of cocktails that tickled taste buds with some cool cocktails on offer. We tasted the cocktails on offer, each of which had Stranger and Sons, and had a couple of favourites. Read on to find out which ones we loved.

Tejas Pore with his list of cocktails for the evening

We started things off with Strange Gimlet that included lime juice, cardamom tincture and a cordial made with Gondhoraj Lemons. The drink had a refreshing zing to it and was tempered well with the cardamom tincture. The well-balanced drink set us up for the next cocktail.

Named Pickled Apricot Highball, the only additions to this cocktail apart from gin were pickled apricot brine and soda. It didn’t sound like it would make for a great cocktail but the apricot brine completely elevated this cocktail and took it to another level. Definitely an ingredient worth considering about in other cocktails as well.

Sampling Stranger and Sons cocktails at The Little Easy

Continuing the Highball-themed cocktails, we tried a Peruwalla Highball that had some truly interesting ingredients in the form of peru shrub, citric solution and soda. The first sip tasted bright and it was good to see the citric solution not overpowering the cocktail or leaving a bitter aftertaste. However, the cocktail has a certain monotony to it after the first sip and never quite fulfilled the expectations it raised.

Finally, we had the Stawberry Highball that was similar to the Peruwalla cocktail except for the addition of strawberry shrub in place of peru shrub. The cocktail was slightly sweet on the palate but not imbalanced. In fact, the contrast of the strawberry’s sweetness and the gin’s profile made this one of our favourites of the evening.

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Speaking later, Pore said he wanted to try using fruity elements and was also excited about having Gondhoraj lime in his cocktails. “I liked working on these cocktails,” he said simply. As for us, we liked having a small glimpse of his cocktails during his brief bar takeover.


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