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How To Use Stale Or Leftover Coffee Grounds At Home

How To Use Stale Or Leftover Coffee Grounds At Home

Quarantine’s got you drinking lots of coffee? We understand the value of our comfort drinks only when faced with unusual circumstances such as the current lockdown. You might even have found a stash of ‘when-the-world-ends’ coffee beans while cleaning your house – only to realise that your precious coffee has grown molds can’t be consumed anymore.

On the flipside, have you seen how much coffee waste you’ve been throwing away? Just because you’ve used your coffee to make your favourite beverage or because the beans are unusable doesn’t mean you have to throw it away. Here are 10 ways you can use stale or leftover coffee grounds at home.

Add Blue To Your Blooms

If you are an anthophile and have been growing hydrangeas, then do try this fun hack out. Hydrangeas tend to change colours according to the pH level of the soil. Lighter the pH, brighter the blooms will be. Mix some coffee grounds in your soil and watch the magic as you get bluer hydrangeas.


Attract Creepy Crawlies

And by crawlies we mean earthworms. They’re farmers’ best friend as they turn the soil and fertilise it with their own body processes. So, sprinkle some coffee grounds and let them attract earthworms.

Keep Felines Away

Do not like it when a random cat enters your home or even your balcony for that matter? Sprinkle some coffee grounds at places from where they’re most likely to enter. Cats do not like the pungent scent of coffee.

Fragrant Pin Cushion

To prevent pins from rusting, you should make a cushion with coffee grounds inside it. The grounds will prevent the pins from rusting and emanate a mild caffeine fragrance every time you use it. That’s a win-win in our book.

Rub That Garlicky Smell Off

Hate that icky smell on your fingertips after you chop garlic, onions etc? Keep a cup of coffee grounds in your kitchen near the sink and rub a handful after you’re done chopping them. It’ll absorb the foul odor and get your hand smelling of caffeine.

Treat Your Dark Circles

Coffee grounds are believed to have high levels of anti-oxidants. They help to reduce darkness and puffiness under eyes according to multiple scientific journals. As a matter of fact, coffee is one of the best anti-aging tools one can use. Mix coffee grounds and water until it forms a thick paste-like consistency.

Use As An Exfoliator

Use finely ground coffee and coconut oil in equal measure and mix. It can be handy as a DIY face and body scrub that will gently remove dead skin cells from your skin and make it look more supple and clean.


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Clean Bottom Of Metal Pans

If you find a particularly hard and greasy residue of food crust sticking to the bottom of your metal pan, use coffee grounds to tackle the problem. Its abrasiveness will be harsh on the crust but not on the metal.

Absorb Odors From Refrigerator

Coffee grounds are known for their amazing odor absorbing skills. If your fridge has started smelling really bad, place a jar of coffee grounds overnight and watch the magic when you open your fridge the next morning.

Marinate Your Meat

Want your chicken or pork to taste even smokier? Next time you marinate your meats, add some ground coffee. It will not only make the dish smokier but also help to tenderise the meat to a great extent.

Who knew these caffeine remnants had so much to offer, besides just a cup of energy shot? Coffee, truly, is a gift that gives on giving, wouldn’t you agree?


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