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How To Sell Uncommon And Rarely Used Spirits At Your Bar

How To Sell Uncommon And Rarely Used Spirits At Your Bar

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Almost every bar has a few bottles that rarely ever get used. These could be an expensive spirit, a unique liqueur, or a syrup. Here are five ways in which a bartender can push these liquids to save the bar from going into a loss, and earning a few tips at the same time.

1 – Use them in cocktails

This might be the easiest and most obvious trick to selling a liquid that is catching dust on the shelves. Slip it into any classic cocktail and the customer will immediately know something is different. This works with any cocktail on the menu that particularly complements the ingredient you are trying to sell. Do take permission from the guest so as to not completely surprise them. If they like the new taste and ask about it, show them the bottle and talk about it. If they ask for a second round, you’re in! They’re sure to recommend it to their friends.

2 – Compare them to something similar

If you have a new cream liqueur, try to mention “It’s close to Baileys”. Similarly, if it’s a new smoky whisky in the market, place it with established smoky whiskies like Lagavulin or Talisker so the guests know what to expect. When you relate a new ingredient to an old one that has been around for years then the customer will know what they are getting into and thus, there is a higher chance of converting it into a sale.

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3 – Drink it yourself

The best advertisement is to show people how it’s done. Some bars allow bartenders to consume a beverage behind the stick in extremely monitored amounts. If you work for one of those spaces then keep sipping on the product you’re trying to sell, and you’ll surely be asked what’s your poison for the night. This is the easiest way for you to sell the liquor because if a bartender, who can drink anything from the bar, chooses the product for himself, then it must be something special.

4 – Use it in “Surprise me” drinks or Bartenders Specials

When a customer cannot decide what they want, why not recommend them the bottles that hardly sell? They’re definitely not looking for something mainstream or they would have picked a classic. Bring out the bartenders special cocktail featuring your uncommon spirit. Also, ‘surprise me’ definitely means they don’t have any particular flavour or budget constraints and are feeling adventurous. This might just be the golden opportunity you’ve been waiting for to sell your uncommon spirits or liqueurs.

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5 – Slip it into conversation

If you have a guest open up to you about their lives, it means they trust you. If they only come to you every time they come to the bar, they have faith in the drinks you serve them. If they are regulars, you can, by all means, recommend a change-up in their usual order. You can use all these opportunities to talk your customers into trying a new liquor in the market, or a new flavour of liqueur or syrup in their cocktail. If you get a customer to believe in your mixology skills and recommendations, they will be willing to at least give it a shot. Pun intended.

Of course, sincerity goes a long way. If you as a bartender genuinely believe in the product then it shouldn’t be too hard to sell. What are some other ways you think you can sell rarely used spirits? Let us know in the comments below.

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