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How To Make Dalgona Coffee And 7 Variations To Try

How To Make Dalgona Coffee And 7 Variations To Try

Have you been wondering about Dalgona coffee – the new drink that everyone has been posting on the Internet? Wherever you look, it’s there. This drink with a milky base and a brown layer on top? What exactly is Dalgona coffee? Let’s find out and make one for ourselves, shall we?

Dalgona coffee is a South Korean drink that is inspired by Dalgona candy, which is widely popular in the country. This new drink is quite easy to make and requires just three ingredients – which is why it’s so popular during this quarantine period.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to make this trending drink.

  1. Mix 1 tablespoon coffee and 1 tablespoon sugar in a cup
  2. Add 2 tablespoons of hot water to the cup
  3. Beat all the 3 ingredients until it forms a light and fluffy mixture. You can use a blender if required or beat it with your hand if you want to exercise your arms
  4. Take a separate glass and fill it with ice
  5. Fill 2/3rd of the glass with cold milk
  6. Add the beaten coffee to the top of the glass
  7. You can choose to sprinkle some coffee powder on top to make it look pretty. That’s all there is to Dalgona coffee. 


There are certain variations of the popular Dalgona coffee that you can try if you’re in the mood for frequent consumption:

Ditch the sugar for some honey

If you’re trying to watch your weight, you can replace sugar with its healthier substitute, honey. You’ll hardly notice the difference in the taste of the coffee.

Cocoa Dalgona Coffee

If you’re a chocolate fan, add some cocoa powder to the mixture of coffee, sugar, and hot water before beating. The rest of the recipe remains the same and your Cocoa Dalgona coffee is ready.

Matcha Dalgona Coffee

If you’re into matcha and try to use it as a substitute for regular coffee from time to time, Dalgona coffee doesn’t have to be any different. You can follow the exact same recipe with matcha instead of coffee powder and still stay updated with the current trend.

Choco Dalgona

What’s the difference between Cocoa Dalgona and Choco Dalgona? In choco dalgona, you can replace the coffee powder altogether with cocoa powder instead of using it as a complement. You’ll especially enjoy this drink if you’re a fan of hot chocolate

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Ginger Dalgona 

With its usual ingredients, Dalgona coffee can be a sweet affair. Try to spice up this drink by adding ginger and cinnamon to the mix before you start whipping it. It’s a great way to balance the drink and avoid loading up on too much sugar. 

Orange-flavoured Dalgona 

This one is for those who crave citrus in every drink. Instead of adding normal water, you can add infused orange peel water to the normal recipe and come up with an orange-flavoured Dalgona coffee. It’s a little out there but we assure you it tastes great. 

Vanilla Dalgona 

Vanilla for the win. While whisking the ingredients used in normal Dalgona coffee, try to add vanilla extract, some salt and cornstarch to the mix. This little hack is enough to give your Dalgona coffee that wonderful vanilla flavour that you can now enjoy with this viral coffee trend. 

Have you tried making Dalgona coffee? What was your experience like? Share your best pictures with us on Instagram with #gurglgram for a chance to feature your Dalgona coffee on our page. 


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