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Become A Bartender For Free With These 7 Online Courses

Become A Bartender For Free With These 7 Online Courses

With the state of the F&B hanging in a precarious state due to the crisis created by coronavirus, there is an urgent need to relook at ypskilling yourself as a bartender and being ready for the next stage when bars reopen to the public. If you’ve been wondering where to start or need some free classes to tide you over, we’ve got you covered. Not just us, prominent academies like BarSmarts and Ananas have also taken the leap in making their courses accessible to everyone hit by Covid-19.

Here are seven online courses to try for free right now that will turn you into a bartender with some of them even offering certification at the end of the course.

1 – BarSmarts

BarSmarts is one of the prestigious bar schools to get certified from if you have started to think of bartending seriously. BarSmarts is a well-known name in the industry as the centre belongs to Pernod Ricard USA. They are currently offering two free courses – basic and advanced – with the coupon TRYBARSMARTS to be used within 60 days. You need to pass each module and complete the DrinkBuilder Final Exam by making seven cocktails in two attempts. Quarantining needn’t be all that bad if you come out of it with their certification.
Check the course here.


2 – Bartending 101, Udemy

This course will train you about different kinds of liquors, how and when to use them. From there, the course proceeds to teach bartending techniques like straining, shaking and blending. Finally, you will also learn how to create seven different drinks such as The Avatar, La Fleur Martini, Asian Pear Mojito etc. and six other Prohibition Era drinks as well as a recipe book to refer to. For anyone who wants to test the waters, this bartending course can be the perfect place to start.

3 – Jerry Bartending Course

Launched by Proof and Company, its learning program Jerry is now offering free classes for the Jerry Certification in Beverage and Hospitality. This comprehensive bartending course contains 24 online classes, each of which takes about 30 minutes to complete. The certification covers almost all aspects of the bartending industry such as the hospitality, preparation, operations and leadership among others. Log in and check the course electives here.

4 – Crafted Cocktails at Home, Skillshare

Bartender Dan M wants to teach you how to make great drinks at home. Considering where we’ll all be for the next few weeks, this short course makes complete sense. The course tells you about bars and cocktail in a short tutorial before getting to the drinks you’re expected to make such as Cranberry on Ice and Spicy Cider. All in all, it’s worth for someone who’s just looking to upgrade themselves from readymade drinks at this point.


5 – Bars and Bartending

Okay, so you probably just want to sit back and watch some videos to figure out whether bartending is your jam or not? Bars and Bartending does exactly that while taking you through various stages of the bartending process. Simply click each video, learn what’s on offer and proceed to the next. It’s as easy-peasy as that.

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6 – Ananas

Ananas is run by Sven Almening, managing director of Australia’s Speakeasy Group and the learning platform is offering its courses for free for the next couple of months to industry professionals and hospitality staff looking to upskill themselves. You can go through each of their courses that will gradually open up for free and learn something new by the time we come out of the coronavirus pandemic. Click on the Hospitality Workers section on the homepage and start now.

7 –  Conscious Mixology

Maybe you don’t need any of the above courses with their structure and formats and are looking for a more DIY-style of learning. In that case, Curious Mixology’s resource pool of tools, guides, cocktail ingredients, cocktail ebooksm spreadsheets and cheatsheets will probably do the trick. Check it out here.

With seven different types of free bartending courses, we’re sure you’ll find the one best suited for you according to your preference. Whether you’re just starting out or need more experience behind the well, this is a link to bookmark and learn something fruitful instead of wondering about job losses and other factors beyond your control. We sincerely hope these courses will help you.

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