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8 Famous Cocktails Created By Women Bartenders

8 Famous Cocktails Created By Women Bartenders

At a time when women are rising to the top of the game in almost every field, it’s heartening to see their tribe grow in the world of mixology. In fact, female bartenders are fast becoming a norm rather than a rarity in most places with Asia and Europe taking the lead. On the occasion of Women’s Day, we couldn’t help but raise a toast to some of their signature cocktails. Here are eight cocktails by female bartenders from across the world that you need to try.


Isla Bonita by Ivy Mix

Ivy is known for making Latin-inspired drinks, among them is Isla Bonita

Ivy Mix is a bartender from Brooklyn, in New York who runs a bar called Leyenda with her partner Julie Reiner. While she is known for whipping up some mean cocktails, her specialty is making Latin-inspired drinks. Amongst them, the most popular one is Isla Bonita made with Jamaican rum, coconut yogurt, vanilla, mango, lime, tiki bitters, cortado sherry and singani, a type of Bolivian grape brandy.


Mississippi Mermaid by Kimberly Patton-Bragg

The Tiki-inspired Latitude 29 bar is known for Mississippi Mermaid by Kimberly

Kimberly bartends at Beachbum Berry’s Tiki-inspired Latitude 29 in New Orleans’  French Quarter. The place specialises in dumpling burgers and Kimberly’s signature drink- the Mississippi Mermaid. It is made from vodka, allspice, lemon, tamarind, and banana. The mixologist started her career as a server at a fine-dining restaurant, where she was also required to bartend. The cocktail menu at Latitude 29 covers the entire 80-year history of Tiki drinks with the Mississippi Mermaid being one of its top drinks.


Frank of America by Meaghan Dorman

Meaghan’s Frank of America is a must-try cocktail with its range of different ingredients mixed together

Meaghan oversees various bars in New York, like the Raines Law Room, Dear Irving, and The Bennett. Her specialty is the Frank of America, a cocktail made from rye, Amaro Abano, Byrrh, Angostura bitters, and spiced maple. Her biggest challenge has been overcoming the stereotype that if she is behind the bar, she must be the hostess.


White Lady by Feruzan Bilimoria

Feruzan’s White Lady makes for a great gin-based cocktail

Brand ambassador for Stranger and Sons, Feruzan is the perfect host with a dry sense of humour. She can also mix up a delicious cocktail. Her specialty is the White Lady, made from gin, lime, egg white, and orange liqueur. Her interest in the art of mixing drinks was sparked by a course that she took up on bartending and fell in love with.


Smoked Whisky Sour by Prisha Devender

You can drink Prisha Devender’s specialty at The Korner House by Vicky Ratnani in Mumbai. The special drink is a variation of the popular whiskey sour by adding a smoky flavour to it. In addition, she mixes up an Orange and Pomelo Martini, topped with caviar pearls. A must-try from one of the best in the field.


Flaming Head Banger by Sakuntala Pulithara

If you ever head to St. Regis in Mumbai, don’t forget to try Sakuntala Pulithara’s Flaming Head Banger. It’s a cocktail made from peach liqueur and whiskey. Sakuntala’s slick skills make her a delight to watch and her signature drink enhances the cocktail experience by a notch or two.

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Susegado by Rubina Rai

Rubina Rai loves mixing new concoctions. She works with Grand Hyatt in Goa and uses a lot of local ingredients in her signature drink. Her specialty is Susegado, made from fresh pineapple juice, which is abundant in Goa, fresh apples, lemon juice, passion fruit syrup, vanilla vodka, and the state’s favourite palm feni.


The Hawker by Ann Pongprom

Ann Pinsuda’s The Hawker is a favourite guest shift cocktail

Ann Pinsuda Pongprom, who heads the bar at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok’s Bamboo Bar, loves to demonstrate The Hawker on guest shifts. The clear white cocktail is made up of tequila, coconut, lemongrass, kefir lime and ginger and stays true to Pinsuda’s philosophy of showcasing regional Thai ingredients. Little wonder then that the Bamboo Bar was recently awarded as Asia’s 8th Best Bar.

With so many interesting drinks to choose from, it’s abundantly clear that women are not just leading but also dominating the mixology world today. These signature drinks have impressed one and all and we can’t wait to try each of them.


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