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8 Beer Cocktails You Can Make At Home

8 Beer Cocktails You Can Make At Home

When you think of cocktails, beer isn’t the first beverage that comes to mind. That’s because we’re all used to drinking our favourite drink ‘neat’. However, that would mean limiting yourself to just good ol’ beer and miss out on some amazing cocktails that feature beer.

Consuming beer cocktails is not unheard of. Some of the best drinks are made from beer. Here are some of our favourite beer cocktails if you’re feeling adventurous at home and are in the mood for something new.

Summer Shandy

As the name suggests, this beverage is the go-to drink for cocktails during summer months. Craving beer? Craving lemonade? Craving both? No problem. Summer Shandy combines the best of both worlds and gives you a drink packed with flavour.

This is also the easiest drink to make while you’re under lockdown. Just mix half a glass of lemonade, with half a glass of a light beer, or lager and voila, your drink is ready. Garnish with lemon wedges and a salt coating on the rim of the glass if you want to go all the way.


How do you like the idea of spicy beer? Mexican food is known for its spice, but what if you could get the same blend of flavour in your beer cocktail? Try the Michelada, which is beer mixed with lime juice, tomato sauce, chilli peppers and Worcestershire sauce. You can serve in a salt-rimmed tall glass as the perfect welcome drink for parties and game nights.

Beer Sangria

Why not try the classic Sangria with a twist? Mix some light beer with orange juice, lime, peach nectar, sugar and your refreshing drink is ready within minutes. Beer Sangria is the perfect choice for a pool party or a barbeque night. And if you have no occasion to celebrate, just blend a glass for yourself to sip while watching a fun movie at home.


Did someone say they wanted a Cuban drink? Here’s a recipe from the popular Central American island. Mix some lager with tequila, lime, bitters, mint leaves, and vanilla syrup and be transported to the streets of Havana.

The beverage is usually poured over ice and the best time to enjoy it is during the summers. If you can’t visit Cuba just yet, there’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy an authentic experience through one of their classic cocktails.

Espresso Stout

This popular beer is a blend of, as the name suggests, espresso and beer. There are many brands that are currently selling bottled espresso stout. So, all you need to do is get to the fridge and pop one open right away.

But if you don’t have access to a pint of the same, you can make one yourself. You need to first create the espresso mix by combining espresso shots and coffee liqueur. Next, cool the mixture in the fridge and add Chilled Stout beer to the same. Your Espresso Stout is ready!

Pumpkin Cinnamon Beer Cocktail

Looking for something to get you into the festive spirit so you can drive away the lockdown blues? Try this festive beer cocktail and you’ll be in holiday mode in no time. What better way to feel like it’s the holidays once you’ve got pumpkin and cinnamon in the house?

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In a bowl, mix together some bourbon, apple cider, pumpkin extract, beer, cinnamon, and lemon. The perfect drink to serve your guests for that Christmas-y feel or a belated Halloween get-together.

Cocky Rooster

You must be familiar with the popular and spicy Sriracha sauce. But have you ever wondered how it’ll taste in your beer? Well, now you don’t have to. You can simply try it out. Mix together some lager beer, lime, sea salt, Maggi sauce, and Sriracha sauce. Your mind will be blown at what your creation. Having originated in a New York restaurant called An Choi, this is one of the best inventions that involves beer.

Black Velvet

Did you ask for some stout beer? Or did you ask for Champagne? Well, we asked for both and we don’t see any problem. Combine stout beer and champagne in equal proportions into a glass and get ready to drink this magical potion. If you’re celebrating an occasion and want to kick back with a beer, but at the same time, give it a classy touch with some champagne, look no further. Black velvet is at your service.

We hope these cocktails will make you fall in love with beer all over again.


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