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7 Of The Best New Indian Craft Beers You Need To Try

7 Of The Best New Indian Craft Beers You Need To Try

Four mugs of beer are lined up on a table.

It’s International Beer Day today. So it’s no wonder we’re reminiscing about some of the best brews we’ve had this year.

In fact, at the Beer Fest held by Eventeers a few weeks ago, we had a chance to sample different brews from all over the country. Most of them aren’t available everywhere so being the first to tell you about some of them gives us additional happiness.

If you’ve been wondering what brews you need to try next, here are seven options for you.

Basil Blonde – 2 Down Beer Co

Basil Blonde is worth the hype

Founded by two engineering dudes, 2 Down Beer Co’s Basil Blonde has been lapping up awards since it first launched. The golden beer goes down smoothly without leaving any bitter aftertaste. It’s almost like a palate cleanser so you can have one before you tuck into some greasy fare and another one after you’re done. Basil Blonde is definitely a beer we’d recommend you get your hands on.

Pouring At: Leaping Windows, Uno Mas, D:OH in Mumbai

Red – HAPI

HAPI’s Red beer, with its roasted caramel notes, is a delight to sip

With an intense roasty flavor, HAPI’s Red beer is a beer lover’s delight. With an aftertaste of roasted caramel notes, this beer is a strong contender to go on a beer drinking binge with. It’s other beer variant HAPI Braggot, a red ale with organic honey, is also worth a mention in case the Red doesn’t catch your fancy.

Pouring At: SamBar, The House Versova, Road House Café Bar in Mumbai

Sexy Pig – Thirsty City

The impossibly cute Sexy Pig needs to be tried

We’ve developed a soft corner for Witbier simply it helps us taste different notes in our beer. The Sexy Pig is no different. With an impossibly cute logo and notes of fresh mosambi and orange peel, this citric beer will make you rethink the age-old notion of whether pigs can fly!

Pouring At: Thirsty City 127 in Mumbai

Kokum Cider – Drifters Tap Station

Kokum Cider is an exciting fusion beer

Kokum is such a versatile fruit that we’re surprised we don’t see much of it. Thankfully, the good guys at Drifters Tap Station have made it easy to try the astringent fruit by mixing it with their cider. The result is a beer that will transport you to Goa lying on a hammock and the sun setting on the distance. You get the drift.

Pouring At: Drifters Tap Station in Mumbai

Oak Lager – Innga

Try India’s first rice-based lager with Innga’s Oak Lager

Innga’s Oak Lager claims to be India’s first rice-based lager. The low gluten beer definitely tastes different – in a good way and we were surprised how quickly we finished the drink off. The Oak Lager has a crispiness that is really appealing and flows smoothly down the throat.

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Kristallweizen – Denis

Try the filtered version of Hefeweizen with Denis’ KristallweizenThe guys behind Denis Beer Farms like to experiment with their beers. The Kristallweizen, one of their flagship beers, is a filtered version of the more popular Hefeweizen that makes for a clean and light beer drink. Kristallweizen works best with some light munchies as it adds heft to the soft-tones beer.

Glutenfree Lager – Nine Degree Brew Works

Gluten-free beer is now a reality

The holy grail of hipster mod and traditional brew-making has been breached. Bengaluru-based Nine Degree Brew Works’ Glutenfree Lager is made with millets, making it a zero-malt beer as well as gluten-free. It looks suspiciously like a lager but once you have this full-bodied drink, you’ll be recommending it to your vegan friends in no time.

With so many new beers to try, we expect your weekend to be full of surprising discoveries. Happy International Beer Day to you.

All images copyright. Images clicked exclusively for Gurgl by Sohail Joshi.


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