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7 Easy To Fix Quarantini Drinks At Home

7 Easy To Fix Quarantini Drinks At Home

The entire world is dealing with the Coronavirus crisis. More than 3 billion people across the globe are in a state of lockdown. As responsible citizens, we can do our part by adhering to the guidelines and staying home. Of course, watching all the news online doesn’t help to lift the spirit. Which is why you need your own set of drinks to sail through this crisis. 

But what if you’re craving a drink while holed up at home during this Covid-19 quarantine? Just because you can’t step out doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a mean cocktail. Here are seven quarantini recipes – one for each day of the week if you like – that you can enjoy in solitude or with your family members.

The Cucumber Fever

Cucumber Fever is a tried and tested quarantini drink

With summers already upon us, gin is the perfect drink to refresh yourself with. Quinine has also come up for discussion as a possible cure, which we’ll take with a pinch of salt. But what if we mix it up with some tonic water, lime wedges and some cucumber? 

This transparent drink is relaxing and the taste of fresh and cool cucumber makes you enjoy the warm summers from the comfort of your home. This one is tried and tested and hence, whole-heartedly recommended.

Good Old Cough

When all else fails, it’s Old Monk and Coke to the rescue

What is the best cure for a cough? Our very own Old Monk! The Good Old Cough is our all-time favourite, quarantine or not. It’s made with Old Monk and Coke, with a dash of lemon for some extra zest. Throw in some Cointreau if you want an instant kick.

If you want to boost your immunity during this period, add some orange peels for garnish. It will enhance the taste manifold. 

Seriously Sick Vodka

Serve Seriously Sick Vodka in a coconut to boost immunity

An extremely easy-to-fix cocktail, Seriously Sick Vodka is made with vodka, sugar and coconut water. It’s the perfect cocktail for a quiet night at home. Serve in a coconut for added effect.

The coconut water helps boost your immunity while enjoying a fun tipsy night in the company of your favourite person – yourself.

Convalescent Cranberry

Convalescent Cranberry is the perfect drink to have during a lockdown as it requires the use of simple everyday ingredients. It’s made from vodka, Campari, cranberry juice, honey and orange liqueur. 

Packed with a sweet yet bitter taste, Convalescent Cranberry is sure to throw your isolation boredom right outside the window. 

Drowsy Margarita

Drowsy Margarita is one of the simplest drinks that can be made at home. It’s made by mixing tequila, lime juice, honey and Cointreau. Add some lime juice to give it a slightly sour flavour. Served on the rocks, it instantly cools the body and makes you feel refreshed.

Sit with a glass of the chilled beverage as you watch your favourite movie, cuddled in your pyjamas and try to chill your quarantine away.

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The Sneezing Whisky

Try the three-ingredient Sneezing Whisky for an instant high

The Sneezing Whisky is a simple three-ingredient cocktail and chances are that all those ingredients will be easily available on you. It’s made from whisky, lime juice, and orange peel.

Just because you are not in a pub doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pamper yourself. If you have extra orange wedges, use it to garnish your drink and enjoy the complete experience.

DIY Quarantini

A DIY Quarantini is a combination of a fixed set of ingredients that can be used with any liqueur of your choice. There is no particular name for it but nothing can beat the taste, no matter your choice of the base drink. Put on your bartender hat and make the most of your quarantine.

The fixed set of ingredients include lime juice, honey, orange liqueur or triple sec, and some crushed ice. So let your creative juices flow and whip up an entirely new cocktail.

There, that’s our list of creative cocktails to try while we try to hunker down and stay safe at home. If you do end up making any of them, be sure to give us a shoutout on Instagram by tagging us with #gurglgram. 


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