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7 Beverage Gifts That Are Perfect For Christmas This Year

7 Beverage Gifts That Are Perfect For Christmas This Year

Tis’ the season for sharing joy and love all around. What better way than to gift someone (which also includes yourself because self-love!) some of these wonderful beverage gifts, many of which we’re hoping to try ourselves soon.

1 – Cerana Meads’ Yule Spice

We love mead, and they are especially enjoyable as a digestif during the cooler months according to us. This is why we’re glad to see Cerana Meads’ latest mead named Yule Spice that captures the festive spirit perfectly with its blend of spices and herbs in the mead. At a relatively moderate 11% ABV, the Yule Spice is a great combination of sweetness and spice on your palate that is a must-try this Christmas.

2 – Paul John’s Christmas Whiskies

Paul John’s 2020 Christmas whiskies have been making all the right noises ever since they were announced and we can hardly wait to taste the lot. A redux from their 2019 Christmas whiskies, the 2020 range has been created from an exclusive blend of single malts from virgin oak, ex-bourbon and Oloroso casks. The limited release proffers deep flavours of creamy dark chocolate tinged with gentle barley and soft spices, culminating in a rich, long lightly peated and memorable finish, according to Paul John. From 50ml bottles going up to 750ml, these whiskies look just as good on the outside as they taste.

3 – Grover Zampa’s Mulled Wine Bottle

Grover Zampa Vineyards has announced their latest launch – the country’s first-ever bottled mulled wine named One Tree Hill Mulled Wine Kadha.

Don’t let the traditional name throw you off, One Tree Hill Mulled Wine Kadha is a concoction of European and Indian spices that have been blended perfectly to keep you warm this season. The wine is infused with spices like black peppers, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, tulsi, cardamom, and lemon topped with star anise, parsley, fennel, cumin seeds, orange peel, and kapok buds. Priced at INR 650 per bottle, the Mulled Wine Kadha is available in Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru.

4 – KC Roasters’ Christmas Blend

KC Roasters’ Christmas Blend – 2020 Edition has all our heart. The coffee blend contains juicy notes of blood orange, cinnamon, and oak and has been roasted medium-dark. It works great as an Aeropress, Pour-over and even as an espresso if you enjoy a fruity espresso. Further sweetening the deal, KC Roasters is sending out samples of this blend with the purchase of an Aeropress or Clever Dripper from their store. Grab this limited-edition blend for your coffee-loving buddy.

5 – Tea Trunk’s 12 Teas of Christmas

Trust Tea Trunk to come out swinging with a gifting collection worth mulling over. Their 12 Teas of Christmas, inspired by a Christmas legend, features 12 select loose leaf tea blends, including their winter specials. These include Apple spice black tea, Chocolate Earl Grey, Masala Chai, Hibiscus petals, Blue pea flowers, Tulsi leaves, Saffron Kahwa green tea, Marigold green tea, Turmeric green tea, Lavender buds, Chamomile and Rose petals. With so much variety on offer, you’re bound to find at least one blend that you can be sure anyone would love, especially as a gift.

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6 – Crafters’ Christmas Cider

Crafters’ Craft Beer has come out with a Christmas Cider called Santa’s Flight. The cider gives an enticing twist to the traditional Apple Cider with hints of Cinnamon, making it a perfect gifting option during this cold season. They also have Grrowl Gift Set hampers featuring a growler, rum cake, festive lights, beer glass, and a Christmas cap in a wooden basket, if those appeal to you more.

7- Ether’s Santa Baby Chocolate

Okay, we were sold on the name of this chocolate itself. Santa Baby, we mean c’mon! This Peruvian dark chocolate containing rich spots of sweet strawberry with a sprinkling of Pink Himalayan salt is the perfect accompaniment to easy-going drinks such as sake, rose, light whiskies, and Hibiscus tea.

With a range of interesting gifting options on hand, there’s no need to look anywhere else. Which one of these are you most excited about?

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