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7 Best Apps That Every Coffee Lover Must Have

7 Best Apps That Every Coffee Lover Must Have

If one of your goals during this lockdown is to breeze into your local coffee shop with the confidence of an insider then you’ve come to the right place. Check out these seven apps that are all about learning more about your favourite cup of joy.

Barista Coffee Dictionary

Whether you are a pro Barista or just an aspiring one, this app does not differentiate. It has over 450 different coffee definitions consisting of descriptors, roasting, cupping and tasting, barista brewing and preparation. That’s not all, it also differentiates beans and grades them on the basis of their origin and farming. Get it on Android here.

Art Of Coffee

Are you a sucker for latte art like us? Then this is the app to download. Art of Coffee will teach you to make the most intricate and attractive coffee art. It is used by professionals and beginners alike. Not to forget, it has over 33 designs to try from. Get it on the App Store here.


Many of us get confused between an espresso, cappuccino, cortado, mochaccino, and that’s okay. Spro is here to help with well-described diagrams explaining the essential difference between different types of coffee drinks. The app also has step by step recipe to master various types of coffees. Get it on the App Store here.

Brew Timer

Brew Timer includes a step by step guide for all the alternative brewing methods with a timer in an easy-to-use format. It also features recipes by winning baristas from various competitions such as Aeropress Championships while also suggesting coffee brewing using beans from around the world. Get it on Android here.

Coffee Space

Calling itself the home of unusual coffee recipes, this 5-star rated app does have interesting baking and cooking recipes featuring coffee. The real icing on the cake, the app we mean, is the incredible facts related to coffee that it throws up. Get it on Android here.

Starbucks India

Browse through the menu, load your Starbucks card, earn points and most importantly, find the nearest Starbucks from wherever you are. We all look down upon it until it’s time to meet up at Starbucks or simply hunker down and work from a coffee shop from time to time. The app allows you to do all this from the comfort of your pocket. Get it on Android here.

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A group of coffee beans on a dark surface.


Okay, so it’s not exactly coffee but Percolator is an app made for the Instagram generation. This app takes the bubble on top of your coffee and puts it on your favourite photos, giving it a hyper-glossy mosaic feel. It’s so popular that it’s got an almost perfect rating. Get it on the App Store here.

You’ll find many apps that have similar functions and usage, but these are the best from the lot. Which of these are you most excited to try? Let us know in the comments below.

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