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21 Incredible Indian Bartenders You Need To Follow On Instagram

21 Incredible Indian Bartenders You Need To Follow On Instagram

It’s incredible how bartenders across the country are keeping their spirits up (yes, we know it’s a pun) by actively engaging with their community and enthusiasts. We went through an entire bunch of profiles and curated this list of 21 Indian bartenders you can follow on Instagram – one for each day of the lockdown India is currently under.

Varun Sudhakar

Varun is the National Winner of Diageo Reserve World Class 2013 and 2014, India edition. He has 10+ years of experience in luxury hospitality and global bartending trends. Currently, head at Beverage Innovation & Operations at Gourmet Investments Pvt Ltd, the company behind brands like Ministry of Crab, Pizza Express and Bandra Project among others. His account will give you a glimpse of his bartending life, personal life, and also has IGTV videos from Diageo Reserve Competitions, which will introduce you to all the BTS activities behind these events.

Akhilesh Sheoran

Akhilesh Sheoran has a pedigree of working for some of the best bars in the country such as Ek Bar, Perch, Together At 12th before moving on to be the bar manager at The Kimono Club in Delhi. He’s also participated in several cocktail competitions – all of which basically means his profile is about one lip-smacking cocktail after another.

Nikhil Bhandari

This Bacardi Legacy India 2020 National Finalist ‘s Instagram is full of meeting new people, pictures of them trying out his HOPE cocktail, by crossing fingers with a bottle of Bacardi in the frame. His profile will not bore you for sure!


Abhishek Chawla

This jolly looking boy has many feathers of accomplishments to his cap. Abhishek has been National finalist in Bacardi Legacy 2019, Top3 Monkey shoulder 2019, National Finalist Brown Forman 2017,2018 respectively. He mainly focuses on travelling and how it makes most of the difference. Apart from this, his account also features a lot of Bacardi and gin.


Mahendar Mahy

His profile is full of eye-pleasing aesthetics and tempting cocktails that make you want to try them right away. The account truly stands true to its motto, tasteful elixirs for every occasion. This mixologist from Gurugram’s Molecule Air Bar knows how to keep his IG game strong. Follow him here.


Santosh Kukreti

This bartender has innovative ideas posted on his account, like using plates and cutlery to serve cocktails to carbonated cocktails and carving ice cubes. His latest venture is an advanced bartending institute called You cannot give his profile a miss.


Rohan Matmary

Beverage manager at Sidecar and speakeasy bar Cocktail and Dreams, Rohan ‘Rogue’ Matmary is one of India’s most accomplished bartenders with a hospitality management degree from Edinburgh’s Queen Margaret University. His cocktail-making workshops currently running on Instagram is surely something to look forward to during these quarantine times.


Chapay Anand

Chapay Anand is the Winner of  the American Whiskey Legacy Competition 2020 so you better take his skills seriously and is a bartender at Zero Forty Brewing. He has posts of classy cocktails that he creates. Besides, his cocktails have a certain unique charm to them.

Vicky Partap Singh

His bio itself claims that Vicky Partap Singh is ‘not a simple bartender’. Currently working at Masti Dubai, the moment you land on his account and start scrolling, you’ll come across jaw-droppingly awesome cocktails. They look so delicately made, which is a proof of how skilled and ‘not-simple’ he is.


Vinod Gharti

A bar-blogger by profession as well as a certified bartender from Pernod Ricard & WSET, Vinod Gharti’s cocktails are known to have a floral garnish to them. His account will make you a part of his adventurous encounters he’s had.


Rohan Thakkar

As he fondly calls himself ‘guru’ and is passionate about Jager and gin. The account gives a high-spirited vibe, as every other post of his shows him making cocktails, and if you scroll enough, you’ll even come across a post where he’s blindfolded and in the middle of creating a cocktail!

Nitin Tewari

If you didn’t know him before the current lockdown began, now you do. After all, his initiative to host interviews with veterans and other known bartenders on IGTV has made his 5PM announcements a must-watch during the current quarantine. He has also uploaded IGTV videos on How to name a cocktail, make menus, prepare for bartending competitions, and on many more topics. His account will make you say wow for sure!

Deep Mahar

This pahadi bartender claims bartending is his lifestyle. His account has some deliciously crafted cocktails, which makes us swoon over them. In fact, some of them look so beautiful, one may want to take a good look at it before gulping it all down with your eyes.

Arati Mestry

Her personality screams off-beat, confident, and fearless in every manner. Her eyes shine differently when she’s doing what she loves the most–creating drinks. Her pictures might inspire you to follow your dreams too.

Cindy Lalramngaihzuali

You’ll always find this bartender, serving her drinks with a big smile on her face always! Most of the pictures are taken at her workplace, i.e. the bar, and when she’s not working, she’ll be travelling or found in cafes.


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Tobias Carvalho

Tobias wears many hats. He’s a keen traveller, loves telling stories and can break into a song at any given time. His most cherished quality though is the cocktails he comes up with. Tobias is an award-winning bartender who is currently the bar maanger at members-only club Home Delhi.

Debjani Rudra

Her exquisite profile will instantly brighten up your dull day. Colourful drinks, beautiful stories and superb travel pictures are all woven together in Debjani’s Instagram profile. Even her cocktails seem to have a different punch to them.


Vineeth Krishnan

Make a note of Vineeth Krishnan, who most recently won the Bacardi Legacy India championship with his winning cocktail Alquimia, inspired by Paulo Coelho’s famous book The Alchemist. Working at Koko Mumbai, Vineeth is an exciting talent to look forward to.


Siddhant Hule

One of the frontrunners to win the Bacardi Legacy India competition this year with his Ajedrez Legacy cocktail, Siddhant Hule is a bartender at Thirsty City 127 and someone who loved challenging the rules of the game. His latest garnish invention, his various cocktail experiments and the making of Ajedrez Legacy are just some of the things you can see on his Instagram account.


Deepak Koranga

There’s no way you can catch Deepak without a smile on his face. One of the most effervescent bartenders around, Deepak is a bartender at The Bombay Canteen where his re-creations of classic cocktails such as Smash and Hair of the Dog are worth trying. His Instagram account showcases his love for all things cocktails and is definitely worth checking out.


Rohit Gurav

A bartender who believes in sustainability (check his post on making straws out of corn cobs) and lover of Tiki cocktails, Rohit Gurav is a bartender at Arth, Mumbai and a finalist at Diageo World Class 2019 and 1st Runner Up at Ultimate Bartender Championship 2018. Trust us, he’s got skills, and having tasted his homemade limoncello we can definitely attest to it.

Follow these inspiring bartenders and make a note of their work so you can pay them a visit as soon as the lockdown ends. Let us also know whose profiles you loved the most in the comments below.




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