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10 Ways To Use Vodka Without Drinking It

10 Ways To Use Vodka Without Drinking It

It’s probably a sacrilege to let a good bottle of vodka go to waste. If you’re on your way to joining the sober-curious gang or simply want to cut down on the amount of alcohol you’re drinking, we have some good news for you. There are many different ways you can use vodka apart from just drinking it. Take a look at what you can do with your favourite drink, apart from drinking it.

1 – Get Rid Of Foot Odor

If you suffer from stinky feet, then this one will work wonders. Grab your bottle of vodka, pour a little on a cotton swab/pad and clean your feet with it. Alcohol is a disinfectant and being anti-septic, it kills odor-producing bacteria immediately and also stops further growth.

2 – Ease That Jellyfish Sting

Here’s a tip that can come in handy next time you’re travelling to a beach location. Went for a swim in the sea and ended up stung by a jellyfish instead? Immediately pour vodka over the affected area, which will disinfect as well as reduce the pain.

3 – Keeps Bouquets Fresher

Got a beautiful bouquet and don’t want it to wither away soon? Fill your vase will a water and vodka mixture and the lifespan of your blooms will get extended for a few more days.

4 – Ice Pack

Want to make a DIY ice pack but fail all the time? Next time, try adding vodka to your ice pack water so that it doesn’t freeze. It’ll be flexible and easier for your perusal.

5 – Lighter Crust

If you prefer your pizza crust to be light, then next time while you’re kneading the dough replace water with diluted vodka. It will ensure your pizza crust is lighter than usual.

6 – Cigar Odor

Smoked a cigar and heading home? Spray a little vodka on your clothes to hide that smokey after-smell. That way, your family won’t doubt you. Also, not only cigar but any kind of odor can be get rid of.

7 – Band-Aid Remover

Why go through the pain of ripping the band-aid in one go? Instead, soak it in vodka for a while before ripping it off. It won’t completely dissipate the pain, but will comparatively lessen it.

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8 – Tighten Your Pores

We bet you didn’t know this earlier. Next time while you’re beginning your post makeup removal routine, don’t forget to cleanse your face by pouring a little vodka on a cotton swab and wiping your face with it. Its astringent properties will help you tighten your skin.

9 – Heals Blisters

For any kind of blisters, pour vodka over it. Yes, be mentally prepared for the pain involved right after, but trust us, it’s worth it. It’ll act as an anaesthetic and will clean it.

10 – Helps In A Toothache

Next time you have a toothache and going to the dentist isn’t an option, take some vodka and swish it around in your mouth for a minute or so and spit it out. It’ll numb the area and kill the bacteria.

These are just a few things that you can do with vodka. Just gives you an idea of so many other things that can be done with this alcoholic spirit. What will you use vodka for? Let us know in the comments below.


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