10 Things A Bartender Wants You To Know In 2021

We do not need to go over the unfortunate deceleration of the F&B industry in the pandemic. But we’re as eager to get back behind the stick as you are to be served your favourite cocktail. Our renewed interaction will not come without some simple house rules though. Here are 10 things you need to keep in mind so we can all have a great time resurrecting our bars.

  1. Mask Up

You knew this one was coming, didn’t you? You would agree that it is a big risk for us, and to other customers through us. Keep us safe and that will, in turn, keep you safe. Take off your mask only once you reach your table, not before that. We cannot emphasize the importance of this enough. That being said, let’s move past the obvious.

  1. Minimise Contact

If this means placing your entire order in one go, do it. Learn your way around QR codes and quirky digital menus. Avoid ordering drinks that aren’t on the menu because that would need you to converse with the waiting staff or the bartender. Send your glass back only if it is absolutely unsatisfactory. Lastly, keep your contactless cards ready.

  1. Open a Tab

This is more important now than ever before. Instead of getting billed and paying for every single drink, just open a tab. It is easier for us, for our cashiers, and for you too. It’s also easier for you to lose count of the number of drinks you have already had, so you can go all out without guilt.

  1. Rise of Sustainable Products

Well, there will most likely be a decline in the availability of exotic fruits and flavours, and an increase in local produce. We will try our best to deliver exciting cocktails to you that are made of seasonal ingredients. You can, of course, go out later and brag about the contribution you made to sustainability.

  1. More Than Mixing Drinks

If someone is bartending, they’re most likely trained and experienced in not just being your mixologist but also your therapist, matchmaker, food advisor, entertainer and storyteller.

But that is not all we do. Sometimes we double up as the bar cashier, sometimes as a waiter. Now we also have the additional responsibility of spraying the bar with disinfectant and sanitising each piece of equipment at short intervals.

  1. A “Stronger” Drink

Nope, we are not going to give you a stronger drink unless you pay for the extra alcohol. If you absolutely insist that you “cannot taste the alcohol at all”, we’ll put a few drops in your straw and send it back.

Please understand that we love drinking and getting drunk as much as you do. We’re simply not authorised to serve more than the standard quantities. That being said, we’re definitely not cutting back your liquor. So have some faith, the drink tastes exactly like we intended it to taste. If you have a specific palate eg: you like it lemony/sweet/strong, tell us in advance. We will make it accordingly, and bill you accordingly too.

  1. We know who came in first

We will always serve the customer who came in first unless their order can simply be combined with someone else’s. Conversely, you might have to wait slightly longer if you have a large order and it’s unfair to make someone who’s asked for a simple Screwdriver wait that long. We won’t cut the line based on how smart you look, and definitely not if you wave your money in our face.

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  1. We know exactly how much you’ve had to drink

No matter how crowded the bar is, or your table is, we know exactly which drink is going to whom, and how much you’ve had. So, if we cut you off, or slow you down, please don’t argue. We reserve the right to do so, not serving you alcohol isn’t helping us personally in any way at all. Respect our concern for your safety, and the safety of everyone else in the bar.

  1. Ask us our name, but don’t overuse it

It is definitely polite when you make the effort to ask us our name and how we are doing. It is also polite for you to use our name while placing orders or drink-related requests. However, it is rude to shout about our name across the entire bar for every small thing you need – a napkin, an extra straw, a toothpick – just ask the closest staff member instead. If that person is us, that’s great but you’re not getting special treatment just because you know our name.

  1. Buying us drinks

There’s a big difference between “Hey, loved the service, we would love to treat you to a shot!” and straight-up hitting on us. Also, some restaurants have a strict ‘no drink behind the bar’ policy so if we say no, just add the money for the drink into our tip instead. We would definitely appreciate your appreciation.

Now that you are up to date on all the latest bar etiquettes, let’s meet at your friendly neighbourhood bar when its safe to do so. We look forward to hosting you soon.

Images courtesy: Unsplash

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