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10 Best Tips To Throw The Perfect Housewarming Party

10 Best Tips To Throw The Perfect Housewarming Party

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Housewarming parties are a great way to celebrate your new home. It is also a way to show your house to your friends and family and have some fun. Although housewarming parties are all about having a great time, they can be a pain to organise. Here are a few tips to throw a hassle-free and amazing housewarming party to show just how great you are as a host.


1) Plan, plan and plan

Planning is one of the most essential aspect for hosting any party. Plan your house party at least a couple of weeks prior to the actual date so that you have ample of time to prepare for it. It is advisable to write down all the stuff you want at your party so that you don’t miss out on anything. Keep a separate list like guest list, food menu, grocery list etc.


2) Guest list

Write down all the names of your guests you are willing to invite. Inviting your new neighbors to the party will give you a great opportunity to know and make friends with them. Don’t invite unnecessary guests and increase your list. Remember it’s a small gathering and you don’t want to run out of your finances.


3) Date and time

Do not schedule your party as soon as you have moved in. Take your time to first settle down and then plan on organising the party. Also take your time to decide whether you want to have brunch, cocktails followed by dinner, a small wine and cheese gathering or just an intimate gathering over desserts.


4) Invitations

In this digital world sending printed invitations is a time-consuming process so just draft a small message and send it via text message or WhatsApp. However, you may personally go and invite your new neighbours as you may be not aware of their names and it will also avoid the awkwardness during the party. Don’t forget to ask them for RSVP so as to know the approximate number of guests.


Use these proven hacks to throw a memorable housewarming party


5) Decor

Remember you have just moved in to the house so keep the decor simple. Do not hang all the paintings you have and display all your crockery along with all the showpieces you have. Have soft lights and make sure there is ample of space for your guests to sit.


6) Pick a theme

You can add a twist to your party by making it a theme party. It will also help to decide on the food and bar menu easily. Some of the themes you can pick up are potluck where you can ask your guests to bring one dish each, clubbing it with a holiday like Holi or Diwali ,poker night, game night or simply a dessert party.


7) Food

Food is easily the most important part of a house party. If you have a themed party then deciding on your food menu will be easy. But in case of a non-themed party, make sure you have ample of food and that it’s not too heavy. Do not include too many items. To avoid being in the kitchen throughout the party you can either call for a cook or order bulk delivery from a good restaurant. PS: Keep your budget in your mind.


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8) Music

Keep a playlist of soft and light music ready and just play it remember to keep the volume low so that you and your guests are able to speak and enjoy the atmosphere.


Plan and organise your housewarming party so as to minimise stress as a host


9) Games

Decide on some fun party games like Pictionary, Poker, beer pong etc. This way no one will be bored and everyone will be able to enjoy because who likes a silent party?!


10) Alcohol

This is exclusively your choice on whether or not to include alcohol in the menu. If you do include it, make sure you have ice, tray and proper glassware along with the required alcohol.


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